Medical Marijuana SEO: Cannabis Dispensary SEO Marketing

Nikolay Stoyanov

October 3, 2022

In this article, you’ll learn what medical marijuana SEO is, why it’s important and how it’s different from paid dispensary advertising. Lastly, what benefit can you hope to get from this marketing plan? Read on to find out more. 

Google dominates 91.94% of the search engine market, earning more than 943 billion searches yearly. Imagine marketing your business to this traffic potential. Give me 5 minutes, and you’ll know how to profit from free, quality, and organic website visitors.

What is Marijuana SEO?

Listen. You don’t want to be on the wrong side of the medical marijuana search engine indexing.

Marketing professionals often joke that if you want to hide a dead body, do it on Google’s second page. And while that statement might be funny, don’t let your cannabis business experience this abysmal invincibility.

You can’t sell to a void.

Thankfully, cannabis dispensary SEO is a marketing plan that helps you rank among the top on Google’s first page. And when you’ve reached that summit, you’ll get more traffic and clicks. You’ll also benefit from people’s bias that the websites on the first page are trustworthy.

Do you know why Apple or Nike fans buy products without aggressive marketing? Because those companies have been around for decades. They’ve earned people’s trust with quality and value. Similarly, an excellent medical marijuana SEO plan helps your brand become visible and authoritative.

How? You’ll spread your company’s name consistently through SEO for dispensaries, thus earning colossal profits from the familiarity effect. Trust is the number one online currency. People buy from brands they know.

And the best marketers create their advertising campaigns through a data-driven approach. You can’t argue with facts. 

High-quality medical cannabis dispensary SEO keywords are the key to that plan because they are relevant to your niche, specific, and intent-driven. And more importantly, Google’s algorithm loves them.

The search engine analyzes your website, checking the code, images, media, and content to categorize your blog. This technical approach makes it easier for the company to recommend and connect your website to customers seeking your products or services.

Are there better methods than cannabis dispensary SEO? Good question! Leading us to…

Medical Marijuana SEO vs. Paid Advertising (PPC)

Paid advertising might work. But it’s a risky enterprise because Facebook, Google, and Instagram have many restrictions on cannabis advertising. For example, you can’t mention your product on your ad or the landing page you direct the traffic to.

The bots will crawl your ads and get you. And, unfortunately, you risk getting your account banned—all your effort gone in seconds. 

Besides, even scammers can pay for ads. So how can you differentiate yourself? By providing the best content on the web. 

Build uniqueness through medical cannabis SEO marketing to get eyes on your business. Of course, there are regulations such as not making medical claims, but a professional cannabis SEO agency will find a loop around that obstacle—providing the results you deserve.

You’re wise enough to know that risks are essential for a business to thrive. But it’s wiser to take calculated gambles for the biggest rewards and long-lasting results. Reduce liabilities. Think strategically.

The only flaw with SEO for dispensaries is that the process takes time, energy, and resources to produce the best results.

Verdict? Be comfortable knowing that medical marijuana SEO takes time, but it’s better than not trying because time will pass anyway. So you might as well build a solid cannabis business to boost your revenue for years. 

Pro tip: Anyone can write and post a blog, but few sell. Wise entrepreneurs understand that massive profits come from learning how to sell indirectly. Include persuasive techniques in your free but valuable content; visitors will buy your products effortlessly. 

What Does Dispensary SEO Promise to Do?

Two words describe weed SEO marketing: Organic and quality.

Successful cannabis businesses know content marketing is the best way to get and keep customers. 

But you might wonder… isn’t the market flooded? Isn’t it too late to start an online marijuana business because it has been 4 years since its legalization? No, far from it. 

The best time to start SEO for medical marijuana dispensaries was in 2018. The next best time is now. Better late than never. Now is a good time because you’ll stand out from a sea of mediocre blogs by using quality content, keywords, and products. 

You’ll dominate the market. And inevitably, you’ll get all the benefits of a solid business and loyal customers by optimizing your online presence with marijuana dispensary SEO.

Pro tip: Reviews never lie. You could have a reputable brand reputation with an excellent medical marijuana search engine SEO plan, but misuse of authority and trust destroys companies. So, sell the quality products and services you advertise and handle customer complaints professionally.

Here are…

3 Grand Benefits for Marijuana SEO Marketing

Increase Your Brand’s Perceived Value

Reviews are what other people say about your company. So you want to control that image and optimize the content with weed SEO keywords to get these benefits: improve your ranking and benefit from social proof.

Marketing reports show that 85% of clients buy from the company with the best reviews. Customers can also imagine using your products through other people’s experiences, further reducing buyer friction. Leave your reputation to chance at your peril.

Get a Better Investment than PPC

Ads stop. They also need constant monitoring and a higher budget to maintain. So, what happens when your business needs some changes in resource allocation, and you can’t afford to advertise? Will you stop closing customers? Will your business fail? 

Not when there’s a better option!

See, SEO for medical marijuana dispensaries is crucial because it’s sustainable. You benefit from the compounding effect of this marketing practice in 6-12 months and at a cost-effective price. Discard short-lived tactics. Leave quick money to losers.

Give a Quality Customer Experience

An online presence is the best way to win over customers to your site and sell to them. They want to see and feel what to expect. And it would be absurd to miss out on this opportunity to market yourself because many people use their mobile phones to search for products they need.

Clients will appreciate your efforts in providing a hassle-free buying experience. Therefore, create a Google My Business account, a dispensary social media profile, and a website. Also, commit to the medical marijuana search engine best practices by ensuring you run a smooth, fast, and secure site.

How to Use Medical Marijuana SEO

First, you do an inventory of your website, see how it’s performing and how you can improve it. Then, gather your medical marijuana search engine data from Google Analytics.

Next, list keywords that align with your products, services, and market. You don’t want to waste effort on what doesn’t work, is very popular, or is irrelevant to your niche. Find the right spot where you’re likely to grow your company steadily.

Good agencies may then create long-tail or short-tail keywords which work well with your blog content, e-books, videos, or infographics. And here’s what’s interesting, you can also create blog articles through these keywords. 

Why? Because most keywords are people asking questions about a particular product or service. For example, a user might search the term “benefits of CBD for professional athletes.”

That’s your chance to create a blog on that topic, then link one of your products near the end. So fill that need as that’s where business is.

Other important practices:

  • Determining your position in comparison to your competitors.
  • Investigating potential links that can lead to Google penalties.
  • CBD content writing.
  • Improving content readability, click rate, and conversion.
  • Link building.
  • Working on Local SEO in quotes and cannabis directories.
  • Removing low-quality backlinks.

How to Choose a Dispensary Marketing Agency

You can’t win without a team of dedicated professionals on your side. They’ll determine how fast your blog will grow and produce results. But first, decide on the price range, agency type (remote or local), reporting frequency, and services you need.

Here’s how to get the best agencies to work with:

  • Create a list of interview questions.
  • Ask for the list of tools these companies use.
  • Request ideas on content optimization.

Go ahead with your weed SEO plan if you find answers to those questions satisfactory.


Executing a marijuana dispensary SEO strategy is the most effective marketing you can do for your business. You don’t have to worry about your account getting banned.

Nor do you have to guess where your customers are. Instead, they’ll find you, and you’ll earn from their trust and loyalty. Make Google work for you for free.

If you’d like to take your cannabis business to the next level, get in touch with our marijuana marketing agency and leave the rest to us!

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