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Dispensary SEO

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The cheaper local SEO for cannabis is more effective than risky PPCs.

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Build a formidable reputation in your city with local SEO for dispensaries.

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Beat your competition and convert more prospects.

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Ranking your business first on Google improves customer trust.

Connect with Your Customer Base

Knowing your customer’s needs helps you make profitable products.

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Get other businesses to augment your cannabis local marketing strategy.

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Reach more customers with cannabis local SEO. Make more profits.

Unlock Data-driven Keywords

Create intentional, relevant, and valuable cannabis content.

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Access a reliable and committed team with 10+ years of SEO experience.

Frequently Asked Questions
How Can I Promote My Dispensary?

Create valuable content, optimize it with the best CBD local SEO keywords, and post regularly. Professional marketers also recommend you create a frictionless user experience to reduce the number of people clicking away from your website. Also, analyze but don’t copy what your competitors are doing with their local marijuana SEO.

Can You Advertise a Dispensary on Google?

Yes, you can. But this strategy is tricky because of the advertising rules you must follow. Besides, you’ll waste time and resources by selling to people who don’t trust you. And so, the best way to advertise your dispensary and its products is through local SEO for cannabis. 

Is Local SEO Still Relevant for Dispensaries?

Yes. Statistics report that 81% of people search for a dispensary’s reputation on Google by checking reviews. And you can influence your visibility in a city like New York by researching CBD local SEO keywords, creating good content with them, and selling the best products.

How Do I Get More Customers to My Dispensary?

Promotions and referral programs work best to improve local SEO for CBD. You can also try gifts, competitions, and organizing events. What matters is showing that you care and appreciate your customers. They will always return to your dispensary.

What is Local SEO for Dispensaries?

Do you have a physical cannabis dispensary? Then how would you feel increasing the number of daily visitors to your stores? Undoubtedly, you can hear the cash register ringing endlessly on your counter. And this power is closer to you than ever.

Cannabis local SEO for dispensaries helps you rank in geo-location searches, appearing first in the ‘near me’ section on Google. So you’re helping the search engine recommend you to customers searching for cannabis stores near, let’s say, California. 

How do You Use a Data-driven Content Strategy?

Many entrepreneurs rush into dispensary local SEO without thinking about the most suitable topics to cover, what value to provide, and what categories to disrupt. Or worse, they don’t know what niche to target—making consistent blog posting more challenging than it’s supposed to be. 

But you’re wiser. Create a mix of general and local marijuana SEO topics answering the popular questions in the market. And then write valuable, readable, well-researched, and original content that adheres to cannabis dispensary local marketing rules. 

For example, you can create content for a specific location with the following headings. “5 Benefits of CBD for Athletes in Oregon” or “The Best CBD Gummies in New Mexico.” 

Alternatively, you can post your content to a broader audience about: “10 Facts You Didn’t Know About CBD” or “Cannabis Indica vs. Sativa: The Ultimate Guide.”

Google will then do the rest of the marketing part for you. And remember…the longer your content, the better results you’ll get.

How Do You Do Better than Your Competitors?

Performing a cannabis dispensary local SEO audit for your competitors helps you know the market status and get ideas on how to approach your marketing strategy. First, investigate their top-ranking keywords, links, growth stats, and weaknesses. Then try to surpass them with your website.

Check your Website’s Local SEO

Check your Website SEO homepage

Dispensary SEO

Optimize Location Pages and the Homepage

Cannabis dispensary local marketing experts call this element: on-page SEO. And they advise you to edit your titles, meta-descriptions, content, copy, and internal and external links with keywords popular in the geographical area you serve. 

Don’t just create duplicate content for each location page. Instead, you want to add the dispensary local SEO keywords popular in the individual city/cities you serve. That action often means creating separate, unique, valuable website pages for areas like Nevada, Alaska, Oregon, etc.

You’ll create content that Google ranks and approves as valuable enough to appear on top of the search results. As a result, customers will find you quickly, and that’s more business for you… and profits.  Easy, right? Yes… on paper. 

But local SEO for cannabis isn’t as simple as you think. But thankfully, you can hire our cannabis agency to do all that for you to focus on your business vision; and how to create quality products that customers love and value.

Use Google My Business Profitably

Are you tapping into the full power of Google My Business (GBM)? Unfortunately, chances are that you aren’t.  You can’t stand out with a generic dispensary description that other businesses also post out of laziness. You’re better than that. And that’s why you’ll win a place in the Google Local Pack.

So whether you’re in Denver, California, or New York, you must write a neat, clear, and persuasive copy for your business. Customers will thus know what you do, your products, and how they can reach you. 

Don’t make robotic content, be different. Be human by talking and empathizing with your customers. 

Dispensary SEO

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