Google Ads CBD: Can You Advertise CBD or Hemp on Google?

Nikolay Stoyanov

October 6, 2022

If you run a CBD business, you most likely want to advertise it on a large advertising platform. And since Google Ad network is the world’s biggest advertising network, you probably have CBD ads on Google at the top of your list. But the big question is, “can you advertise CBD on Google

The answer is “no, you cannot.”

What about dispensary advertising on Google and its accessories? No worries, this article provides in-depth information on the CBD on the Google advertising network. 

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Marketing CBD on Google. Is it Permitted?

No, Google does not allow advertisements that promote the sale, use, and provision of informational content about CBD. It does not matter if it is recreational or medicinal cannabis.

Google does not make a distinction and categorizes it as a recreational drug in its Advertising Policy. Some prohibitions in Google’s Policy under Dangerous Products or Services include CBD deliveries, dispensaries, accessories like rolling papers or pipes, or cannabis products like edibles, concentrates, or dried flowers. 

It is forbidden to run ads for any of the products mentioned above or services. However, if you search for “cannabis near me” in the Google search bar, you will likely notice relevant advertisements on the SERP (search engine results page.) 

Now, you might be wondering how these companies manage to run Google Ads for CBD products regardless of Google’s Policy. But to learn how these brands tend to do this, you must first understand how these ads get approved.

How Do Ads Get Approved on Google?

Before CBD Google Ads get approved, three things are considered and put together:

  • A list of keywords to bid on
  • The ad copy, and 
  • A landing page: the page or website you want to draw more traffic to.

Once the above three things are ready, you can submit the campaign or ad to get Google’s approval. During this process – the approval – is ongoing. Google will start to search for signals that suggest that you are selling marijuana – or something that is included in the list of prohibited policies. 

The terms mentioned below are signals that can be considered “trigger words” or “bad words” as per Google:

  • Weed
  • Hash
  • Marijuana
  • Cannabis
  • Vapes
  • Ganja
  • Pipes
  • Dispensary
  • Rolling paper

Using any of the words mentioned above in your website domain, website copy, or ad copy could trigger Google Ads, and they will not approve your ad copy. But how do Google Ads for CBD products work?

How Does Google Ads for CBD Products Work?

As mentioned earlier, when advertising CBD on Google, you first need to submit three things to your CBD Google Ads: Ad copy, a landing page, and a list of bidding keywords. 

Brands get their CBD ads approved through a loophole. Google only scans websites and ad copy for the trigger words we mentioned earlier but does not scan for your bidding cannabis keywords. This means you can bid for the word “CBD,” but you cannot use it in your website or ad.

How to Boost the Chances of Having Your CBD Ad Approved on Google

While no one can know for sure if Google will approve your hemp Google ads, there are practical ways to boost the chances of your CBD ads getting approved on Google.

Some such practices include the following:

1. Instead of using hemp and CBD-related keywords, use euphemisms for your marketing products. For example, instead of “CBD,” you can use “plant-based remedies when submitting your advertisement for review.

2. If Google does not approve your advertisement, you want to build a gated landing page for your ad and do away with all references to CBD.

3. If Google still rejects your ad, try to remove any links to your website from your landing page.

4. If Google approves your CBD ad, you want to wait a few days before adding any link to your website for your landing page.

It is important to note that getting your CBD advertisement on Google puts your account or website at risk. Sometimes, it can even lead to your account getting closed, giving a massive blow to your business. Hence, we recommend using a different advertising account to run your CBD ads.

What are the Alternatives to Advertising CBD on Google Ads? What about Hemp?

You might have questions about alternative options to advertising hemp or CBD on Google ads. Let us consider two alternatives in this section.

1. The first option is to run programmatic or display advertising on a closed or private network. Here, you purchase banner ad space from the website instead of buying it through Google Ad Sense.

Paid advertising has a low Return on Investment and is best for brands that can afford to pay for “brand awareness” but do not see conversions immediately.

2. Your other option is to use organic tactics like cannabis SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, and public relations. The great thing about organic website marketing is that it prepares you for the day Big Tech platforms like Facebook and Google finally decide to change their ad policy to allow CBD ads on Google.

Will Google Change its Advertising Policies for Cannabis

The next question might be, “will Google change their advertising policies for cannabis?” We are hopeful that they will change their policies for CBD; however, it will depend on some factors. 

First, the USA will need to legalize cannabis federally for Google to change its policies. This might not be far off.


Now you know the answer to the question “can you advertise CBD on Google“.

Regardless of where you intend to run the ads – Google or Facebook – are American companies and must comply with local laws irrespective of Canada’s Cannabis Act. They might just treat CBD the same as pharmaceutical drugs or alcohol. But until then, you cannot advertise CBD and dispensaries on Google.

If you need some professional help taking your CBD or hemp business to the next level, get in touch with our CBD advertising agency and leave the rest to our team of Google ads experts!

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