Dispensary Advertising on Facebook: Does it Work?

Nikolay Stoyanov

September 30, 2022

A marketing report says that Facebook’s advertising reach is 2.11 billion people. Businesses want to tap into that potential, connect with more customers and make more profits, because why not? But there’s a problem…Facebook prohibits dispensary advertising. 

And you might then wonder, can you hack those rules? Maybe, maybe not.

In about 10 minutes, you’ll learn whether dispensary advertising on facebook is worth it. What is more, you’ll know how to maximize the platform’s reach for the best results (Checklist included!).

But first, let’s answer the pressing question…

Does Facebook Allow Dispensary Marketing?

You can’t “promote the sale or use of illicit or recreational drugs, or other unsafe substances, products or supplements,” Facebook writes on its rules and regulations. 

Yet, many top companies use the platform to promote their cannabis products. 

So, is it possible to bypass this almost impossible system to market your cbd brand? Yes, it’s feasible. All hope is not lost. However, it’s a bit more challenging than you think. As you’ll see later, there are many ways to evade those regulations.

Branded content, influencers, and CBD content writing are methods to increase your visibility and acquire new customers on this social media. 

In contrast, direct cbd advertising on facebook is tricky because dispensary ad accounts get banned or restricted all the time. You don’t want that fate for your budding company. 

And interestingly, this obstacle doesn’t mean you can’t post ads either. You only have to be clever and strategic about how to market your dispensary. Think long-term.

Now you know the truth, so how can dispensaries advertise on facebook? 

There are three factors you should consider when marketing for dispensaries on this platform:

  • The language you use.
  • The media content you upload, and
  • The content on the landing page or website you’ve linked to.

For example, you can post cbd ads on facebook sharing the benefits of some of your cannabis products. Or any other educational content instead of asking for the sale directly. You can also create funny and shareable content (e.g., Memes) or change your brand name so it doesn’t mention cbd. 

More pointers that work:

  • Avoid the algorithm’s disapproval by using a hyphen on medical marijuana ads.
  • Use branded watermarks and text overlay on your visuals.
  • Create an excellent funnel to convert leads to customers.
  • Monitor your budget when marketing for dispensaries and calculate the cost per click.

Some companies take one extra step further: message people interacting with the posts and send them offers for your products. Push boundaries.

Pro tip: Try the cbd ads on facebook using pseudo-accounts before uploading them with your main account. You never know what you could get away with or what could bring you down. Test and keep improving.

Is Facebook Dispensary Advertising Worth It?

Wise entrepreneurs understand the value of a loyal audience. They know that by providing free valuable content consistently, they’ll build a fan base. And with that information, you have the answer to the question: how can dispensaries advertise on facebook? 

The most significant benefit you’ll get is connecting and helping people struggling with many ailments. And when you’ve earned their trust, you can sell your products to them. Additionally, through this process, you get to boost your brand’s awareness, authority, and visibility.

Place the medical marijuana ads well, and you’ll also improve your website’s ranking. How great is that?

A high-quality audience matters. Content is king too. You only have to share valuable insights and prompt your following to answer your questions, thus boosting your engagement. Your growth may be slow initially, but with persistence, you’ll benefit from the compounding effect.

Social media provides the best way for companies to test new products. And through feedback, you can create better or more products in line with what the market demands. Or you can discontinue a cbd product because the people are dissatisfied—cutting your losses early. 

Next, you learn how to market your dispensary…

Dispensary Marketing Strategies on Facebook

This strategy aims for organic cannabis dispensary social media traffic because paid ads are risky.

Take Advantage of Hashtags

Hashtags will boost your reach, impressions, and engagement by targeting your content to the right people—if you apply them well. Marketers call this tool: keywords, like in SEO. However, you don’t want your account to appear spammy, losing your credibility. 

The worst thing you could do is choose your hashtags randomly, picking the top ones because they seem popular. But nothing could be further from cbd advertising facebook principles. 

You’ll have better chances of ranking in medium popularity hashtags than the over-used ones. Otherwise, your posts will get lost in the noise, and you’ll waste money and time. The best companies compete at their level. Or at a standard slightly above their current position. 

Use hashtags relevant to your niche, business, and client base you serve. The broader your hashtag scope, the fewer chances you get with well-suited customers. 

More pointers:

  • Use 30 different hashtags daily and ensure they’re unique for each post.
  • Write a compelling copy on your caption.
  • Post your content and the hashtags as your first comment.
  • If you’re uncomfortable with number 2 above, hide your hashtags well in the caption.

Pro tip: Use survey questions to know the type of content you should create. Alternatively, meet your audience where they’re at, investigate what they like, believe, doubt, or complain about, and then address those concerns in your posts.

Hopefully, you can see it now; how can you advertise weed on facebook? Here’s more…

Squeeze Your Content’s Potential

Here’s an underutilized way to boost traffic and enhance your cannabis SEO strategy. You can create short-form content to post on your cbd advertising facebook page. Short videos work best to summarize what your blog is about, prompting viewers to read more.

Make your content exciting and golden to earn shares and more clicks on your blogs. Google or Bing will notice this activity and promote your page. You’ll enhance your reach without paying an extra dime. Think about it. Social media is free advertising.

Enhance Customer Service

The best cannabis dispensaries provide a quality experience for their customers. In turn, pro service wins word of mouth, thus providing a competitive edge. 

Why? Because inexperienced companies think that help ends after the sale. But no. You want repeat customers who won’t even consider buying elsewhere. Leverage loyalty with value.

Answer questions regarding your product. Quell the doubts of the newbies and skeptics. Instruct people how to use your accessories. And remember. Replying to your buyers isn’t enough. How fast your reply is also matters; it should typically be within 4 hours.

Imagine satisfied customers recommending you to their friends and boosting your profits. You wouldn’t want to ignore that power. Besides, it doesn’t take long to be human. And thankfully, Facebook allows you to install a Messenger bot, thus reducing the time before replies.

In the end, can you advertise weed on facebook? Yes, it’s a wise investment for maximizing your business’s potential. And here’s your checklist…

Dispensary Advertising on Facebook Checklist

  1. Don’t include a price tag on any product.
  2. Post valuable content to teach or inform and with the correct language.
  3. Don’t request a product sale.
  4. Don’t add a CTA (Call To Action) for further inquiry.
  5. Post supportive data, new research, health reports, statistics, trial results, etc. 
  6. Don’t post visuals on dispensary ads displaying a cannabis sale.
  7. Post images with the products without implying purchase or delivery.
  8. Don’t post ads that teach your audience how to grow, sell, or use cannabis.
  9. Don’t post unauthorized medical benefits.
  10. Keep updating your knowledge of Facebook laws, so you don’t violate them.
  11. Train your employees and scrutinize outsourced work to ensure it abides by the regulations and standards.


Facebook allows you to advertise your cannabis products. Choosing this marketing channel has considerable risk, but the execution is possible. Post relevant content, use hashtags generously and wisely, repurpose content, make short videos and enhance your customer service; you’ll win.

If you’d like to take your cannabis business to the next level, get in touch with our CBD SEO company and leave the rest to us!

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