CBD Website Design: 8 Cannabis Web Design Factors to Consider

Nikolay Stoyanov

October 8, 2022

Today’s blog discusses the importance of an excellent CBD website design to answer this question. Most importantly, it outlines eight vital factors to consider when building a website design, whether or not you are using a CBD website design company. 

There is high competition in the hemp industry, and with this high competition, brands have to implement marketing tactics to help them stand out in the cannabis industry. A great website will help your dispensary or cannabis business increase its social media presence and successful dispensary advertising campaigns

However, having a website is not all there is. You also need to ensure that the website design you choose will help you gain more audience and, in turn, multiply your customers. But what are the vital factors to consider when creating a cannabis website design? 

So without further ado, let’s jump right in.

What Makes a Great CBD Website Design?

A well-created website invites potential customers to take part in the buying experience with your business. Your cannabis website is beyond the flashy flag you have planted in your cybernetic real estate. 

Your website is designed to work for you. A great CBD website is a conversion-encouraging, lead-generating partner intended to play the role of helping you grow your brand with interested new hemp customers who have been convinced to patronize your business. 

Top 8 Important Factors to Consider in Cannabis Website Design

Here are the top eight vital factors to consider when creating a cannabis web design: 

1. Purpose

Before any development begins, it is essential always to take some time to get clear on the website’s goal. For instance, is your target audience looking for entertainment or information? Do they need to relate to your brand digitally? If yes, then in what way? 

2. Consider Using SEO to Increase Your Presence

Using Search Engine Optimization is crucial if you intend your cannabis website to get seen and increase its online presence. Cannabis SEO helps put commonly-searched keywords on your CBD website so potential customers can easily find you online. In addition, you can feature the cannabis products you sell and the location of your business.

3. Make Your Cannabis Web Design Mobile-Friendly

When designing your medical marijuana website, you must also consider the various designs that your customers might be using to access your website. For example, are they accessing it using their mobile devices, iPads, or desktops?

More often than not, they might be using their mobile devices as they are commonly a part of almost everyone’s regular daily life. A few things to consider when setting up a mobile-friendly website are as follows:

  • Use large fonts
  • Keep your design simple
  • Ditch popups and text-blocking ads
  • Make content easy to find
  • Make the size of your button large enough to work on mobile devices

4. Colour is Key in CBD Web Design

Design has much to do with biology and psychology. A person’s emotional state can change by merely looking at intentionally paired colors.

Your business color should be distinct on your website. However, since there are various elements on a page, you may need to develop your color palette further.

What are your buttons’ colors, links, and calls to action? The recipe of your business color is unique to you. The message it sends should also sound like your brand. 

5. Navigation 

Regarding website navigation, there is a three-click rule: when a customer can find what they are searching for in three clicks. Your site map and site navigation are part of the initial design tactic. What is your visitor looking for, and how can you help them easily find these things?

Think of different sections with photos, clickable buttons, and headings. Ensure always to make it easy for visitors to return to the contact page or home page from anywhere they might find themselves on your web design for CBD.

6. Images

It is essential to select the right image for your CBD web design as it helps to send a message about your brand purpose and personality. There are numerous places to get free and high-quality images. Pexels is a great place to get high-quality photos. You want to ensure that your web design for CBD has high-resolution images. 

It also doesn’t hurt to hire a professional photographer to shoot for your website. Just ensure that you keep in mind the dimensions you are shooting. You want to ensure that your photographer keeps the sizes they are shooting in mind. It is recommended to shoot from a distance away so that you can zoom and crop while maintaining the width. 

Videos are excellent for capturing the attention of people. So if possible, invest in videos of you and your crew speaking, testimonials of the production process, and your product. A customer that can see behind a business’s veil to the people running the show will have a stronger bond with your brand. 

7. Load Time

Optimizing your images is crucial, as failure to do so is sometimes the cause of the slow loading of websites. Several apps on the market today can compress your image yet still retain its quality.

On the development aspect, combining code into a JavaScript or CSS file will help limit HTTP requests. In addition, a clean back end with updates to JavaScript, CSS, and HTML will positively take load times to a new level.

8. The Golden Ratio and the Grid

Whether you intend to utilize mathematics or a straight, modern grid, ensure that you plot out all your sections before you begin. However, ensure that you avoid having to design again after learning that you did not include a critical content block. 


The best CBD website design is essential in ensuring your online marketing campaign efforts are successful. When you invest in it rightly, it can help drive more customers interested in your cannabis products and, in the long run, help you gain positive and long-term results.

Understanding vital factors to consider and implementing those factors allows you to create a great website. Search for the best CBD web design company to help you with your CBD website. 

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