Cannabis SEO: The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Dispensaries

Nikolay Stoyanov

September 27, 2022

Marketing reports say that 75% of users never scroll past the first page of search engines. Some businesses will be glad about that statistic while others will frown. You don’t want to be in that last group because businesses fail without customers.  So, how can you ensure you get valuable traffic to your cannabis website? By utilizing the infinity power of cannabis search engine optimization a.k.a. cannabis SEO.

In this article, you’ll learn the strategies that successful cannabis companies use to market their sites. You’ll also know why the ideas work so you can be flexible and creative with your CBD SEO plan. Read on to find out more.

What is cannabis SEO marketing?

Starting a cannabis business has many problems. The biggest challenge you’ll face is in acquiring new customers. Why? Because you can’t rely on reaching people with advertisements or billboards. And if you’re not careful, you might have to close up shop. 

You deserve a better fate.

Thankfully, marijuana SEO can help you close clients and sell your products within the limits and regulations of CBD advertising. This innovation enables you to find your target market where they are, influence them and maintain a list of recurring customers.

The quest for organic traffic leads us to…

3 Tips for Successful Cannabis SEO

Here are 3 professional dispensary SEO tips you should try today!

1. Know Your Current Stats

Many cannabis businesses miss a crucial element when optimizing their website’s traffic. They don’t know where they stand in the search engine. And without that baseline, how can one know they’re improving, what works or doesn’t work? That’s right; you can’t!

You would benefit most by doing a cannabis SEO audit on your page. Note the number of unique visitors discovering your website through organic search, your best and worst pages, and the popular keywords in your niche. Now you have a rough idea of what the market needs.

Use Google Analytics features to get that data. And then you can create content around that foundation so that you can…

2. Harness the Power of Cannabis SEO Blogs

Why are blogs crucial for dispensary SEO?

Sharpen Your Brand’s Aim

First, articles describe your brand, target market, and what you sell indirectly. And most importantly, a blog states who you don’t sell to because selling to everyone means you won’t make many sales. Polarization is important.

Do not be afraid to start your blog because your intent isn’t clear yet. Ignite your blogs with the general vision to educate. But as you get feedback and improve, align what works in the market with what you can provide. 

Cultivate Trust and Authority

Blogging helps you build trust and authority. For example, think of the last time you searched on Google; 95% of the time, you clicked on the first result to appear. See. Similarly, well-optimized blog posts can help you land at the top, capitalize on this traffic, and reap the benefits.

Combine well-written cannabis SEO articles and relevant keywords, and you have a formidable site. To illustrate, you can write reviews on the best companies to buy CBD from and add your business to the list. Or you can create ‘how to’ blogs or listicles. 

Anything that educates customers is priceless. And search engines will rank you higher.

Profit from Google’s Indexing

Internal links provide an opportunity to guide users into reading more of your content. And when they find more quality ideas, you increase their chances of buying your products. Search engines will also boost the ranking of the page you’re linking to, boosting your overall position.

Useful blogs earn backlinks. These links are from other sites (ensure they are also high quality) and are traced back to your website. Google will then notice and increase your ranking and traffic. 

Also, remember to support your content with relevant peer-reviewed studies to enhance your trustworthiness.

Get the Safest Cannabis SEO Marketing 

The safest way to market your cannabis business is through pot search engine optimization. Why? Because companies like Instagram, Google, and Facebook restrict paid ads for this substance. And you risk losing your hard-earned money or account because you didn’t adhere to the rules.

Influence Customer Tastes

Studies show that over 84% of blog visitors buy because blogs educate them on the benefits of certain products. This research then provides another opportunity to persuade visitors. 

How? One can add social proof on product pages to influence buyers. The psychological reason for this strategy is that people like buying products to feel similar experiences as others. And you can place yourself subtly as the provider of those good feelings.

He who controls the traffic controls the sale. And you can benefit from this power by channeling your traffic toward a back end comprised of email marketing or affiliate programs on the front end. The opportunities are endless once you get your blog rolling.

Enhance Your Reach

Social media companies restrict adverts mentioning CBD in their copy. But there’s a way around this hurdle with marijuana dispensary SEO. Focus on value provision and educating users, and you’ll win. And the best part is you don’t have to create new content from scratch. 

Repurpose the blog content. Change or add a few words to align with the regulations. Then add quality captions, images, or reels. And you’ll have the power of the best dispensary social media marketing strategy without depending heavily on influencers or luck.

Social media is free advertising, so you have no excuse to ignore it. Instead, tease your fans with educational posts, then guide them to your website. Make your content sharable, and you’ll gain Google’s endorsement if you get more shares and engagement.

Ignore the marketing power of a loyal social media audience at your own risk.

Make Video Content

Great blogs and experienced CBD content writers articles for skimmers; the top-ranking ones create video content for those who don’t like reading. 

People’s attention span has decreased significantly in the last decade. And most readers can’t make it through a 1000-1500 word post. So, boost your visibility on this demographic through compelling visuals.

Make 1-minute video summaries of your blog to post on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, etc. Then optimize the video titles and descriptions with the relevant keywords and add the visual to your website. And don’t worry! Free video editing tools can work to produce decent-quality content.

Are blogs enough to attract visitors? No. Here’s why you need to…

3. Align Keywords with Search Intent

Keywords are a string of words (1-5) that a search engine uses to provide users the results they need based on the common words they use to search. These keywords have a pattern. They can lead a user toward educational content, buying products, or to a specific website.

Cannabis SEO experts can create keywords with a specific search intent as the basic foundation. This strategy requires empathy. Or, in other words, putting yourself in your customer’s shoes—thinking of what they’re curious to know, have doubts about, or struggle with. 

You satisfy a need.

It’s crucial to align your keywords with the cannabis SEO articles you provide. There’s no reason to ruin the trust between prospects and your company with clickbaity headlines and search terms. Moreover, ensure you lead customers to the right page when they click on anchor text. 

Make it easy for customers to find the information they are looking for. The content should also be gold-standard because high-quality and free content makes you a valuable resource in a sea of mediocre blogs. Stand out.

Research for keywords and the user intent by analyzing Google’s search page. Here, you’ll be looking for the popular content that might still rank, related searches, frequently asked questions, and key phrases to add to your content.

Types of Cannabis Keywords to Prioritize

Branded Keywords

This class of keywords works when your brand has a strong market presence and includes your brand name. Therefore, you can implement these words or popular phrases within your community in your blog posts. 

Examples of good places to add your company name as a cannabis SEO keyword includes your business directory, address, product pages, or price tags.

Geographical Keywords

You’ll get these words in your city, town, or neighborhood—where you’ve set up a physical shop. This strategy helps customers who live nearby find, visit or order from your dispensary. And when you boost your visibility and provide quality products, you’ll benefit from word of mouth.

Stand out from the competition. Add your company to ‘Google My Business to gain foot traffic. Google maps will recommend you when customers search for CBD dispensaries near them. 

Also, include your business in online directories like Weedmaps and Leafly.

Established Keywords

Using established keywords in the cannabis industry gives you something to start with before venturing into specific keywords in line with your business. But there’s a problem. 

You’ll be competing with other popular sites for the same attention. However, don’t worry! You’ll evolve to assert yourself over time. 

Plan your content strategy carefully. Create high-quality blogs optimized for backlinks from other sites, and add CBD search engine optimization keywords. Then remember that relevance is imperative for the best results.

P.S: Keep researching better keywords and refining your list because cannabis digital marketing and cannabis SEO are a fast pace world. You don’t want new and hungry companies to take your first place. Therefore, consider regular updates once every two weeks.

Other Factors to Consider

Quality content isn’t enough to boost traffic in weed SEO. First impressions also matter. Therefore…

  • Increase your site speed (1-3 seconds).
  • Create a mobile-friendly website.
  • Compress images.
  • Prioritize a quality user experience in the web design.
  • Optimize for safe browsing.
  • Fix broken internal links or poor-quality backlinks.
  • Make your content readable and with a seamless flow.
  • Avoid duplicate content.
  • Opt for compelling headlines and SEO-optimized meta-descriptions. 
  • Ensure the keyword density aligns with the content length. 
  • You’ll impress both Google and visitors.

You’ll impress both Google and visitors.


Implement SEO for CBD and get the organic and quality traffic your business deserves. Executing this strategy takes time, but there are massive rewards like nurturing authority, boosting ranking with keywords, enhancing your reach with social media, and safe-reach marketing. 

Trust the process. And have the long-term mindset that everything will work out. 

If you’d like to take your cannabis business to the next level, get in touch with our CBD SEO company and leave the rest to us!

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