Cannabis Marketing Experts: Best CBD Internet Marketing Services

Nikolay Stoyanov

October 13, 2022

In this article, cannabis marketing experts will teach you how to advertise your products and services. For example, how do you bypass cbd ad rules and still sell to millions of people? Also, what are the best cannabis marketing consultants you should work with?

Here’s the secret to making millions of dollars from your cannabis business. You don’t have to spend time learning cannabis internet marketing strategies. Nor do you have to waste resources on plans that don’t work.

There’s a faster, cheaper, and effortless way to win.

Read on to find out more.

The Best Way to Market Your CBD Company

It’s almost impossible to market your cannabis company. And you risk missing out on this growing niche despite the government lessening the product’s regulations.

There are health benefits that your customers want, and you can fill this need and profit from it. However, you can’t depend on conventional methods to market your product. Why? Because platforms like Google, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram restrict cbd internet marketing.

What better option do you have? There’s one way…

View the regulations on paid Google CBD ads from those big social media companies as a blessing because PPC is not a sustainable long-term solution for your business. You need something that works well, compounds, and earns much revenue even if you stop the initial aggressive marketing.

How? You build an audience by providing value, thus earning the top position as an authority in your niche and profiting from trust and loyalty. Winning has never been more straightforward with this strategy from the cannabis marketing experts.

And you get all those benefits with cannabis SEO—your best alternative to cannabis internet marketing. This strategy utilizes people’s natural curiosity to help build your brand. And an excellent cbd marketing expert can help you achieve that dream in 3-6 months.

The best part about cannabis search engine optimization is that you won’t have to pay to acquire visitors, as with medical marijuana SEO and marketing gurus or ads. A hoard of high-quality traffic will find you.

What is Cannabis SEO?

Cannabis SEO is a strategy that top companies use to land on and profit from Google’s first page. Businesses thus create free valuable content.

For example, they talk to their customers about how to use various products and the benefits to expect from cbd. Or they explain some scientific jargon.

And more importantly, they provide the quality products they market.

Google rewards trustworthy websites. Think about it. When was the last time you scrolled past Google’s first page? Probably never, right? Now think of the fact that you’re not the only one. There are millions of others every day.

You would then come to one of these two conclusions. You want to be among the top three sites on Google so you can close more clients and turn them to repeat customers. And you want to persuade people to buy your products or sign up for your e-mail list.

But that process isn’t easy. And you should be happy because of that realization because if everyone did it, there would be a lot of competition. The cannabis industry would then lose its value.

Some of the critical areas cannabis marketing experts needs to optimize include:

  • Technical SEO – Focuses on page speed, security, indexation, etc.
  • On-Page SEO – Focuses on keywords, meta descriptions, titles, etc.
  • Off-page SEO – Focuses on Local SEO, backlinks, social signals, etc.

That explanation then leads us to…

Cannabis SEO Content Marketing

Cannabis seo or dispensary internet marketing means that you create a knowledge bank of what the market is searching for. You can then add affiliate marketing links to partnered products, or you can link people to your products.

However, cbd marketing experts recommend you execute this plan skillfully.

You don’t want to appear salesy because people will view you as just another marketer looking to make some quick cash. Moreover, how would one differentiate you from a scammer? See. Hence you have to give a lot of free, valuable content before making your sale.

Optimize your content with valuable keywords. These words are markers that help Google categorize what your blog is about and show it to the right people. The search engine uses crawler bots that analyze your content, and you can take advantage of them for free.

A good dispensary internet marketing agency will promote the factors helping your blog win and remove the technical aspects that make you flop.

For example, you don’t want poor-quality backlinks with duplicate content linking to your site. And you wouldn’t want a mediocre CBD content writer to create unreadable content.

Test and optimize until you get the results you desire. This process might take longer than you expect to stabilize and earn decent revenue. But grit, consistency, and patience are all you need.

Skilled content marketers also help you make video summaries of your content to enhance engagement and reach on social media. Repurposing content also becomes easier because you know the significant points with which you can hook your audience.

Sure, this plan takes work because you have to research your place in the market and the high-hit CBD keywords. You then ought to create original content around them, get high-quality backlinks, and write good copy.

Undoubtedly, you would agree that all those tasks would be tedious for one person. But what if you could hire a professional agency to take care of all the tedious work while you think about your brand’s vision? Thankfully, that power isn’t far from your reach.

Here are…

The Top 5 Cannabis Companies with Cannabis Marketing Experts

You want a reliable, competent, and trustworthy company with a proven track record to handle your SEO strategy. This business partner can help you improve your branding approach, establish your unique selling point and credibility, and reach a broad audience. Choose well.

Outsource your weed internet marketing strategy to:

CBD Advertising Agency

How would you feel having cannabis marketing experts with over 10 years of experience on your lap? You would be happy and relieved that you can now focus on your overall business strategy and not the time-consuming tactics along the way.

You would re-ignite your hope and excitement of winning.

Also, you would have freedom in your audience reach potential and the sales you would make. You would dominate the cannabis niche. And our cbd internet marketing agency will help you accomplish all those goals.

How? You get access to an SEO expert who manages the weed internet marketing team and oversees your brand’s overall marketing strategy. Other team members include content writers, copywriters, and social media managers. Nothing can stop you now.

To illustrate, you’ll get a solid SEO plan, dispensary social media marketing, cannabis content marketing and e-mail marketing. Moreover, there’s no limit to the area coverage. So, whether you’re in the US, Canada, Australia, or the UK, one thing is for sure, you’ll get fail-proof work.

The company offers cost-effective prices. And the only problem you can prepare for is the time delay in communication as this is an international company.


You’ll get a complete SEO package with this creative company, including cannabis website design and maintenance, especially if you live around the United States. Other services you’ll get include internet marketing for cannabis, package design, target audience analytics, etc.

Pufcreative focuses primarily on website design, branding, and influencer marketing. The specialty in that niche doesn’t mean that their SEO is crap. But there’s one thing you should be wary about.

This company has the highest prices compared to the rest of the competitors. And that obstacle puts you in an unfavorable position if you’re starting a company and looking to scale it fast.

For example, the firm requires you to invest $175/hr if you want internet marketing for weed.


Happy customers give this company five-star golden reviews. You get cannabis seo, content creation, e-mail internet marketing for cannabis products, e-commerce management, and many more.

This company’s prices depend on the services you need to build your brand authority. However, you can’t get a price range on the internet unless you contact them. Also, consider the time zone differences, as you might experience delays during communication.


Boost your website traffic with Forge. This team of cbd marketing experts has outstanding branding and marketing services that improve your visibility on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms where you’re likely to sell to customers.

The good reviews tell all.

What do you get from Forge? This company provides quality customer services, On-Page SEO, advertisement media creation, graphic design, and free consultations. Book your place at a fee of $100 per hour.


Bigeye gives you professional services from 20 years of experience in the seo industry, dabbling in different niches. For example, the company has experience in food, real estate, and cosmetics.

But one thing stands out. You’ll get impeccable support from this company. Services you can expect are marijuana marketing gurus, social media ads, cannabis branding, and social media management.

However, the agency’s prices range between $150-250 per hour—an expensive cost for a new company.

Also, the generality of the niche the company serves is a disadvantage. There’s a possibility that the firm will make mistakes going against cannabis internet marketing regulations and protocols.


Marketing your cannabis business can seem challenging at first. And it is. But through seo advertising, you can gain lots of organic traffic to convert to sales and repeat customers.

Resist the urge to take shortcuts with paid ads, and you’ll reap the colossal benefits of internet marketing for weed. Also, remember to choose a suitable company while considering the price, location, and reporting frequency.

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