Cannabis Marketing Consultant: 6 Reasons to Hire One Now

Nikolay Stoyanov

October 12, 2022

Whether you are starting a CBD business or want to scale up, it’s recommendable to have a professional cannabis marketing consultant on your team. The CBD market is among the most lucrative emerging industries today.

With the many new businesses selling CBD products online and offline, you need superior marketing strategies to compete effectively with other brands and stay afloat. One sure way of achieving this goal is by hiring cannabis marketing consultants.

Here are six reasons to hire a legally accredited and reputable cannabis marketing consulting services provider.

Ensure Compliance with Cannabis Laws

When selling CBD products either online or offline, you must adhere to the cannabis laws and regulations put in place by the state and government bodies. Failure to comply with these laws will result in your license being canceled and other unnecessary legal tussles.

Even the most progressive states are still figuring it how to govern and monitor CBD businesses. This aspect makes it difficult for brands to create and implement long-term logistics. Hiring a weed marketing consulting agency will give you access to a pool of professionals conversant with the industry.

They will advise you on getting your business to the next level, from licensing to packaging. Most reputable firms have a live chat feature on their websites that you can use to book an appointment or get instant answers – you no longer have to wait for days to get a response.

More importantly, a professional cannabis marketing consultant will help you avoid legal challenges by informing you about the laws and legal requirements. They will ensure that all products and new processes comply with them. For example, they will guide you through the process of filing monthly and yearly reports.

Stay Abreast of Changes in the Market

The cannabis market is dynamic. Marketing strategies that worked a few months ago may be null and void today. Using strategies that are now considered illegal by the regulatory agencies will land you in trouble with the authorities.

Stay abreast of all market changes and adapt your CBD to them by seeking help from an accredited weed marketing consulting agency. The agency will assign your project to a dedicated manager who will oversee all processes, such as market monitoring and marketing strategies performance.

The assigned manager should work in tandem with your in-house marketing team to get the most results. Put in place measures to ensure that the two parties work cordially.

Ensure Due Diligence

One of the main challenges of running a CBD store is that it’s a cash-based business. Getting loans from financial institutions such as banks is challenging due to stringent federal financial regulations.

Bringing on board a weed marketing consulting firm or agency will help you navigate these murky waters and smoothen the grey areas. Every stage of setting up the business should be carefully planned out to avoid challenges down the road.

Nothing should be left to chance, from registering the business and having it incorporated in the country to setting up the payroll and deciding the employees’ salaries and packages. The cannabis marketing consultant will use their skills and expertise to prep your business well before the official launch.

For instance, they will set up key performance indicators for the campaigns and ensure that the company fully complies with all regulations governing the marketing of CBD products. Their input into your business will enable you to get a firm footing in the market.

Work Out Short and Long-Term Goals

Failing to plan is planning to fail. Without goals for your CBD business, you will be shooting in the dark and expecting to hit the target. Once your business is registered and ready for the official launch, it is essential to schedule a meeting with all the team members to set goals and milestones.

The goals will help you to know whether your business is headed in the right direction. They will also enable you to pinpoint marketing campaigns that should be improved or expunged.

Getting rid of marketing strategies that do not deliver the expected results will cushion you from losses. More importantly, it will help you maximize the ad budget.

Professional advice and input from a reputable cannabis marketing consultant will help you set realistic and measurable goals even if you are conversant with the CBD industry. The consultant will also recommend the best tools for monitoring performance and growth to enable you to make informed decisions at every step.

Help in Market Zoning and Segmentation of the Target Customers

One of the main reasons most CBD stores fail to succeed is that they don’t clearly understand their target customers. Before starting the business, you need to conduct extensive market research to know your ideal customers.

The customers should be grouped or segmented into groups based on their interests, age, location, preferred CBD products, and other demographic factors. After that, each group should be targeted with custom marketing campaigns and relevant ads.

Otherwise, assuming that your customers’ needs are the same and targeting them with the same ads will result in wasting money and other resources. Stay safe and get the maximum results from your marketing campaigns by seeking assistance from a professional cannabis marketing consultant.

The consultant will segment your customers and zone the market to give your brand an added advantage. They will also go the extra mile to do competitor analysis to create marketing strategies that are better than your competitors.

Save Time

Likely, the cannabis marketing consultants you hire have already worked with a CBD business similar to yours. They know the essential steps, timelines, requirements, and common pitfalls. They will use their expertise and skills to adequately lay out the necessary plans.

Outsourcing tasks to a cannabis marketing consultant will also save time and free up your schedule for other important business obligations.


Clearly, hiring a professional cannabis marketing consultant is a worthy investment in your business. Ensure you discuss the kind of CBD business you want to establish and your plans or aspirations to be on the same page from the onset.

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We look forward to assisting you in realizing the full potential of your CBD business.

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