Cannabis Lawyers SEO: An Expert Guide to Getting More Clients

Nikolay Stoyanov

November 3, 2022

In this article, you’ll learn about the best approach to cannabis lawyers SEO and marketing and how you can benefit most from this strategy.

Do you want more clients for your cannabis law firm? Of course, you do. Who would resist increasing their quarterly earnings? Moreover, close your eyes. Picture this. What if you got that advantage without a colossal budget? Awesome, right?

Let’s dive right in then.

What is Cannabis Lawyers SEO?

96% of people seek legal advice online. Another 74% of people visit a firm’s website to know whether they want to work with them or not. Cannabis lawyers rise or fall by how well they utilize those statistics. 

You want to close the most clients and secure your place among the top firms in the country. Thankfully, the technology in the 21st century has made it easier to accomplish this dream. And Google can help you achieve your quarterly income goals in 6-12 months. 

How? Through cannabis SEO or search engine optimization.

Do you see the first page on Google when you search for something? Marketers call it the SERP. SEO allows you to secure a position among the top three positions on that page. Thus, you’ll benefit from organic, high-quality, and warm traffic and increase the possibility of selling more of your services. 

You’ll get all those advantages without spending a dime on uncertain ads or billboards. Moreover, you’ll improve your visibility in the cannabis niche without breaking any cannabis services advertising rules. Undoubtedly, the future is online!

Getting premium leads with marketing for cannabis lawyers isn’t a get-rich-quick-scheme. But, of course, as a savvy businessperson, you know that what comes fast doesn’t last. And it would be best if you were consistent with your blog posting, provided value, and worked with a long-term perspective.

There are many aspects to this marketing practice. Examples include keyword research, technical SEO optimization, content creation, getting backlinks, and local SEO. Too complicated? Don’t worry. You’ll get an in-depth explanation of each. 

What Benefits Can You Get from Cannabis Lawyers SEO?

Most clients nowadays don’t care about credentials. What matters is whether you can help them achieve their goals. Also, are you trustworthy? How many customers are satisfied with your work? And what makes you different from other firms?

Search engine optimization helps you answer all those questions and benefit from its compounding effect. 

Additionally, how would you feel about diversifying your source of income? Great, right?

SEO can help you sell other services, like consultation, contracts, legal notices, negotiations, etc., at a premium. You no longer have to be insecure about having a few clients.

Other SEO advantages include the following:

  • Create a solid reputation in the industry as an effective, knowledgeable, and trustworthy lawyer.
  • Control your online reputation through professional assistance.
  • Boost your authority by posting helpful content.
  • Enhance your firm’s visibility through top-level CBD keywords and backlinks.

Cannabis attorney SEO works because you own your platform. You rely on your effort.

Your name remains on prospects’ minds, which would disappear if you advertised with Pay Per Click (PPC) ads on Google, Twitter, or Facebook ads. Interested people will always find you.

Now to the part you’ve been waiting for…

How to Rank Your Cannabis Lawyer Website

Create Spectacular Content

Great content provides value to the reader, optimizes for keywords naturally, persuades people to read more, answers a visitor’s questions, and includes a CTA (Call to Action) near the end.

Write for skimmers. Visitors leave when you don’t feed their curiosity. Your blog articles, therefore, ought to have features like a mixture of short and long sentences, varied paragraph length, an active voice, and a value provision focus. 

Furthermore, you want Google’s crawler bots to favor and promote your business. You achieve that goal by creating original and exciting content that’s easy to read and share. 

Focus on these key content areas to get the most value from cannabis lawyers SEO:

Practice Area Pages

Tell your web visitors what you offer and help them understand the types of services you sell so you can convert them into customers. You want to address the pains and desires they want to fulfill and use a common language instead of legal jargon to influence them.

Keep this page simple and direct to the point. Also, consider including video testimonials, resources, and customer reviews to influence clients further. And remember to create a distinct CTA or contacts that customers can find and act upon easily.

Bio/Profile Page

You tell clients about yourself and your team on this page. Highlight your credentials, experience, the big cases you’ve won, and awards. Show your prospects how valuable you can be as the legal advisor for their cannabis company.

Blog Articles

Blogs provide a means to convey value and expertise. And the best firms post free and valuable legal information. You want other blogs to link to your authoritative site and customers to seek your counsel before deciding on a legal matter.

Trust, then, becomes your leverage. 

For example, you can research the commonly asked questions or the popular long-tail keywords about cannabis laws and create content around them. Google recommends a blog size of about 1500-2500 words for the best results. 

Creating this work takes time, but you can outsource the task and focus on what you do best.

Record Podcasts and Videos

Repurpose your content. Or analyze a topic from a different angle. This action shows your expertise in the field and helps you acquire a bigger audience—increasing the probability that you’ll close more customers. 

Leave nothing to chance. Dominate all mediums. 

You’ll also be catering to audio and visual learners who don’t like reading, thus breaking new records to your reach. Podcasts also provide an opportunity to earn high-quality backlinks when people quote you.

The Recipe For Best SEO Content for Cannabis Lawyers

Create What The Market Needs

Google promotes relevant blogs. Therefore, familiarize yourself with what the market is asking for and create content around it. The searcher’s intent could also be location-based, so you want to optimize for the same—increasing your chances of appearing first on the SERP.

Use the Right Amount of Keywords

Keyword stuffing doesn’t work. It makes Google punish you, and you lose the reader’s attention by creating a sub-optimal sentence structure. Not good. Similarly, you might use a lesser number of keywords than is recommended and lose your traffic potential.

So, apply your keywords strategically and naturally on the headings, meta-descriptions, subheadings, and parts of your body text.

Support Your Content

Add links to journals that support the claims in your posts. Or to help readers know more about a certain fact. With this action, you enhance your authority further and beat your competitors because you have superior content.

Cannabis SEO marketing experts also recommend you create internal links to similar posts on your blog so that you can boost your traffic. And through that action, you can improve the ranking of the less-performing posts, contributing to your overall growth.

Hire a graphic designer or use free photo editing tools to create and add relevant images to your blog. These pictures can summarize your post’s information to aid memory. However, keep this media to a minimum and compress it to maintain your site’s fast speed.

Create a Link Network

High-quality backlinks show Google that you’re an authoritative site, rewarding you with more traffic. Unfortunately, the search engine also penalizes websites with low-ranking backlinks. Therefore, do an SEO audit for your site, and vet the quality and relevance of the backlinks you get. 

Invest in Local SEO for Cannabis Lawyers

Getting online traffic is good. But you can’t forget about foot traffic. Combine both marketing strategies, and you’ll have more clients than you can handle. For example, local SEO for cannabis lawyers helps them appear first when people search for attorneys in their region.

The best way to get this traffic for your firm is by registering your business on the “Google My Business” profile. And optimizing your business description with keywords. You can then request your former clients to post a review on the platform so you can benefit from the power of social proof.

Reply to reviews to improve your local SEO visibility. You’ll show customers that you care about them, help them remember you, appear thoughtful and human and embolden your position because these testimonials are also forms of content.

Here’s a Google My Business checklist:

  • Write the right location for your business.
  • Edit the correct opening business hours and whether you’re available on weekends and holidays.
  • Add your website address.
  • Ensure your business name, address, and phone numbers are consistent throughout other entries.
  • Be specific with the niche you serve. Choose the ‘cannabis lawyer’ category, not just ‘lawyer.’
  • Add high-quality photos for your business, including a 360-degree virtual office tour.
  • Describe what you do in a unique, conversational, and clear manner.

Marketers also advise registering your business on legal directories to get high-quality backlinks and help customers contact you easily. 

Optimize for Technical Cannabis Lawyers SEO

Fast and mobile-friendly websites rank higher on Google. Why?

Because 91% of the world’s population, or 7.26 Billion people, use smartphones. And the search engine, therefore, recommends that you create a quality experience for these searchers.

You’ll win if your website loads in less than 2.5 seconds. And on average, no one will wait for a longer loading time than that period, even if you have world-class content. Ideally, you want a 35-55% bounce rate.

Organizing your content in a definite manner also helps Google bots make indexing easier. Hence, internal links to related content and a logical structure to your blog content improve your ranking. You’ll appear first in your niche when the user’s search intent aligns with your content.

Experts also recommend you optimize your website code, URL structure, and sitemaps and improve your website security. Therefore, hire a reputable web developer to help create the best user experience. 

Keyword Research for Cannabis Lawyers

Keyword research helps you learn about the target market and attract people to your website. And if done well, you’ll define your niche and get content ideas for your blog, increasing your chances of earning more profits. 

Ignoring that part is fatal, and you’ll waste valuable time and resources. Fortunately, a range of questions can help you hook customers on their search journey. 

For example, you can ask yourself what words cannabis companies will use to know about your firm or lawyers. What keywords will people use to know about specific legal matters? And what keywords will users type before hiring a lawyer?

And here’s a pro tip. 

You want to first create content around selling your services. Next, create evaluation-type content giving information about your company and attorneys. And lastly, start creating valuable and readable content about your practice, teaching people about what you can provide.

How to Find the Best Keywords for Cannabis Attorneys

Do Competitor Analysis

Spying on your competition’s content helps you in three ways. 

First, you know what content works best in your niche and can include it in your content marketing strategy. Next, you access the best keywords to employ in your blog articles. And lastly, you can notice weaknesses in the competition’s SEO and beat them in that area.

Use the ‘People Also Ask’ Section

The ‘People Also Ask’ section gives you content ideas and angles on which to attack your content strategy. Imagine appearing on each query that people ask around a related topic. Certainly, you would gain a lot of visibility and create more business opportunities.

Research those questions and create great, SEO-optimized content around them. Similarly…

Legal Directories

You can visit popular directories like Avvo to know the popular keywords on cannabis legal matters and craft helpful blog articles with your expertise.

Use Keyword Search Tools

Tools like Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs (paid), and Google Trends (free) make work easier for you. Those resources can help you monitor your audience’s engagement, analyze the results of various posts and keywords and improve your content delivery. Use them.

For example, you can use Google Trends to analyze popular keywords in a state that has recently legalized cannabis. And you can target new businesses that need attorneys. Being first helps you beat the competition, choose the best clients to work with, and sell your services at the best prices.


Cannabis lawyers SEO is a marketing strategy that boosts a lasting online reputation for your cannabis law firm. This practice isn’t rocket science, but it’s not simple either.

First, buy a good domain, make the website run fast, research the best keywords, create valuable content, and apply local SEO. Then, give your blog 6-12 months, and you’ll get the leads you deserve for your hard work.

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