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You took the risk and started a cannabis business. But your site’s growth is slow. What if you could supercharge organic traffic to your website in 6 months? You’ll get those results through our CBD SEO agency. A reliable, safe-reach solution.

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Hire an cannabis SEO expert team and tools that bring you exceptional results.

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Execute a winning CBD marketing strategy with the latest methods.

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Beat your cannabis competition and convert more prospects.

Satisfy Customer's Needs

Hook customers by creating valuable cannabis content through keyword research.

Boost Visitors Engagement

Create an interactive customer experience with top-notch cannabis articles.

Increase Brand Awareness

More organic SEO visibility equals more cannabis business opportunities.

Use Best Cannabis SEO Services

Rank your cannabis website according to the new Google algorithm updates.

Cultivate Brand Loyalty

Get authoritative, valuable, and compelling cannabis content and build trust.

Get a Reliable CBD Marketing Agency

Hire a quality CBD content writer and achieve your CBD digital marketing goals.

Why is SEO So Important
for Cannabis Business in the USA?

No Cannabis PPC

Cannabis pay-per-click (PPC) Advertising is still off-limits and unavailable to use.

Limited Targeting

Social-media dispensary advertising is still off-limits and very limited.

Fickle Digital Branding

Cannabis dispensary social media accounts can be taken down at any time.

Why Hire a CBD SEO Agency?

Get High-quality Leads

Organic traffic wins. Cannabis SEO helps you target and gain customers that know they need a solution. These clients are then easy to convince to buy your products. Why? Because cbd marketing boosts your authority by helping you appear first on Google’s search page.

Provide an Awesome User Experience

You don’t want potential customers to click away from your website because your page takes a long time to load. No. Get a CBD advertising agency to improve your website’s user experience, make reading easier, and provide value. Empathy is key.

Reduce Buying Friction

People buy from companies they know or think they know. Constant exposure of your brand to prospects, and providing valuable solutions increases trust—making customers loyal and more likely to buy from you. And there’s no better way to promote that digital marketing strategy than a first-rate CBD agency.

What are our CBD SEO Agency Best Practices?

Create Valuable Content

High-quality content sells. Original, well-researched, and easy-to-read blogs enhance your authority in the hemp & cannabis niche, and people will share your content. But there’s a problem: creating gold articles takes time (4+ Hours). Hire our CBD marketing agency to help you meet that standard.

Create Backlinks

Strong backlinks support your blog, ranking it higher and beating your competitors. However, you can’t have duplicate content on these websites. High-quality content is vital. So, prioritize value provision. This cbd digital marketing plan also increases the chances of other reputable domains linking to your site.

Research and Add Best Keywords

Profitable keywords help you land clients effortlessly. Those strings of words (long or short-tail) help you meet your customers where they are, thus aligning your hemp & cannabis content marketing strategy with their needs. Great things happen to those who listen to what the market needs.

Check your Website’s SEO

Check your Website SEO homepage

The 4 Pillars of Our Dispensary Marketing Agency

On-Page SEO

This practice optimizes your blog content, titles, meta-descriptions, product pages, and web copy with relevant CBD keywords. You can do this by yourself. But you must be skilled at SEO, keyword research, content, and copywriting. Or you can hire a CBD SEO agency that frees your time and energy.

Off-Page SEO

Rank higher by association. You’ll win when other top websites endorse your company through backlinks in the form of guest blogs. Google will then associate their brand authority with yours and promote you. Your brand’s reputation will then increase, getting more clients.

Technical SEO

Here’s where most people fail in cannabis SEO. You could have good CBD content, but if your site has a poor design, is unsafe, and is slow on mobile, you’ll have a huge problem. Customers won’t buy from suspicious sites, and Google bots will flag you as untrustworthy—affecting your ranking. A good marijuana SEO marketing agency will help you fix the CBD website design, speeds, and broken links for better outcomes.

Local and International SEO

You’ll skyrocket website traffic in your geographical area using this strategy. How? Google suggests businesses using the ‘near me’ filter, allowing you to reach more customers searching for a company like yours. Our dispensary marketing agency will help you capture sales in any city, state, or town.

Our CBD SEO Agency Prices


FREE consultation

Monthly full traffic analysis
Keyword research service (finding up to 25 best keywords for your business)
On-page SEO service (Optimizing up to 10 web pages on your website)
Content writing service (5,000 words of content EVERY MONTH)
Link building service (2 strong back links built EVERY MONTH)
Monthly reports


FREE consultation
Weekly full traffic analysis
Keyword research service (finding up to 50 best keywords for your business)
On-page SEO service (Optimizing up to 20 web pages on your website)
Content writing service (10,000 words of content EVERY MONTH)
Link building service (4 strong backlinks built EVERY MONTH)
Bi-weekly reports (BONUS) Top 3 competitors analyzed and reverse-engineered


FREE consultation
Weekly full traffic analysis
Keyword research service (finding up to 100 best keywords for your business)
On-page SEO service (Optimizing up to 50 web pages on your website)
Content writing service (20,000 words of content EVERY MONTH)
Link building service (8 strong backlinks built EVERY MONTH)
Weekly reports
(BONUS) Top 3 competitors analyzed and reverse-engineered
(BONUS) FULL on-page & off-page SEO audit

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Frequently Asked Questions
How Do I Market my CBD Company?

SEO is the best option for differentiating yourself from the competition, gaining new customers, and retaining the current ones. You’ll be capitalizing on organic traffic, which, unlike ads, isn’t dependent on luck—but on trust, karmic debt, and authority.

Cannabis SEO sets you up for long-term gains. For example, you get a robust foundation to build multiple income sources. Consequently, you’ll have an audience ready to purchase digital goods, affiliate products, or execute cannabis email marketing on your list. Think about it.

Can You Run Paid Ads for CBD?

CBD Google ads and CBD ads on Facebook are not allowed and you can’t advertise your CBD products there. You can direct the traffic to a landing page. But that plan is risky—making you lose money, reputation, or experience account restriction.

Your best bet is getting a cannabis marketing firm to market your products within the rules and regulations of those online companies.

Can I Advertise CBD Online?

Advertisements don’t work for the momentous results you desire. But there’s a way around this obstacle. Use cannabis marketing companies to implement the best SEO practices and a content marketing strategy promoting organic, high-quality, and converting traffic. Then you can profit from your CBD products.

Is it Legal to Advertise CBD Products?

No. Google restricts the advertisement of cannabis or the mention of its therapeutic effects because this is a new niche. For now, use other channels, like a cannabis digital marketing agency. Or refrain from endorsing CBD as a surefire cure in your Instagram or Facebook ads and on your e-commerce site.

What is Cannabis SEO, and How it Works?

Cannabis SEO is a set of practices in line with Google’s rules helping you build your authority, get more traffic and sell your products to loyal fans. This digital marketing strategy helps you create valuable content, optimize it with SEO and build backlinks. Hire our CBD SEO agency and let’s make Google work for you!

How Long Does Cannabis SEO Take to Work?

This CBD marketing plan takes between 4-12 months for you to see good profits. Hire skilled cannabis SEO companies to push your brand consistently. Also, do not compromise your product or content quality. Focus on serving your client base well, and they’ll do the rest of the dispensary marketing for you.